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Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio Review

5 Cheap CB Radio under $50 

  Are you a commercial or truck driver? You are! We all know how the price of equipment, maintenance, and fuel creeps up every day and one needs to be on the lookout for bargains when one sees one. Where one can save, money is

Cobra CBRHGA1500 36-Inch Antenna

Top 5 Best CB Antenna worth Spending Money On

Many people from contractors or individuals using CB radios need the best CB Antenna to communicate with others. Contractors need their radios for communicating with others while working making sure that business is running smoothly – while others use it to communicate and keeping updated

Cobra CB Radios, Features and Specifications

The Old-Time Best Cobra CB Radio In 1963 the Cobra CB radio was born and evolved into a well-known brand worldwide as a leading signature product and one of its kind. Today Cobra is still an old-time favorite in being one of the best leading

Best Magnet Mount CB Antenna

Best Magnet Mount CB Antenna

  With more than hundred different CB antennas available on the market, trying to determine what is the best magnet mount CB Antenna for your vehicle becomes a difficult task. However, fear not! Below is our selection that we consider to be the best available

Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio Review

Best Compact CB Radio

  Howdy, if you are here with me then for one you are looking to find some informative information before buying yourself one of the best compact CB radio available online. You have come to the right place for just that and here you will